Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is the quickest, easiest way to improve your appearance. Fresh Dental offers the finest teeth whitening products and procedures available to dental professionals, such as Sinsational Smile and Phillips Zoom.

Sinsational Smile brightens your pearly whites in about 20 minutes. This product whitens teeth dramatically, yet is gentle on sensitive teeth. Even patients who cannot wear over-the-counter whitening products are comfortable during Sensational Smiles treatments.

Phillips Zoom is a personalized approach to teeth whitening. Fresh Dental dentists create a custom-fitted Zoom tray for in-office or at-home treatments. In-office Zoom procedures whiten your teeth by up to eight shades in one treatment while at-home treatments provide those same great results in two weeks.For the most dramatic results, use a Zoom take-home kit followed by in-office Zoom Laser treatment at Fresh Dental. These laser treatments work best on freshly cleaned tooth surfaces.

Some whitening products – especially over the counter products – destroy precious tooth enamel. Zoom technology actually protects enamel to keep your smile healthy for a lifetime.

Because each patient has unique needs, Fresh Dental also offers other teeth whitening options, including take-home whitening trays using custom-molded trays. Tooth whitening does not change the color of porcelain crowns or veneers; a consultation with a dental professional can help you whiten your teeth to match the shade of your existing dental work.

Everyone Can Enjoy Whiter Teeth

Now everyone can enjoy whiter teeth, even those with sensitive teeth. Sensational Smiles is especially gentle, producing whiter teeth without the tingling. To get the whitest, brightest teeth possible without sensitivity or enamel loss, avoid the over-the-counter whiteners and use products available only to dental professionals.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening at Fresh Dental

Having brighter, whiter teeth gives you confidence but teeth whitening can sometimes be a messy, time-consuming chore. Fresh Dental makes teeth whitening a breeze – you can have whiter teeth in less than one hour. Other benefits include:

  • Dramatic results
  • Less sensitivity
  • Access to professional products available only to dentists
  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Affordable

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