Same Day Crowns

Same day crowns are perfect for anyone who wants a beautiful smile but whose time is at a premium. Crowns are a great way to improve the appearance of your teeth and preserve tooth enamel, but the traditional methods of making crowns is time consuming and not terribly accurate. Fortunately, advanced technology now allows a handful of specially trained dentists to take digital impressions of the patients’ mouths and create the perfect crown right there, at the dentist’s office. Fresh Dental is one of the few dental practices in San Diego to offer one-stop satisfaction with same day crowns.

How Same Day Crown Technology Works

Integration of two major advances in technology makes same day crowns possible: digital scanners and in-office milling machines. Dentists at Fresh Dental use Planmeca ED4 technology to scan the patients’ teeth before and after crown fitting to ensure a perfect match. This digital scanner replaces the old-fashioned, sloppy wet impression material. This technology works for veneers too.

The dentist uses the image and other information, such as color and shape, to create a digital crown. Aside from the incredible accuracy, this innovative approach allows the dentist to design the crown with the patient sitting right in front of him. The dentist then sends this image and information to the milling machine that creates the crown, and then into an oven to crystalize as the patient waits.

The patient can expect the single visit to last about two hours. Appointments for convention crowns also take about two hours, but the patient spreads that time over two appointments. When a patient opts for same day crowns, he can expect to spend much of his time relaxing in our comfortable office.

Benefits of Same Day Crowns at Fresh Dental in San Diego

Benefits of same day crowns from Fresh Dental in San Diego include:

  • Same day crown service
  • Single appointment
  • Laser technology for accurate tooth matching and comfortable fit
  • Natural looking, tooth-colored crowns
  • Metal-free
  • Works on any tooth
  • No temporary teeth
  • Natural looking, long-lasting results

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