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Dental cleaning every six months keeps your teeth healthy and looking their best but these deep cleanings can be uncomfortable, especially if you are sensitive to dental pain. In the past, you might have dreaded having the two most effective deep cleaning procedures, scaling and root planing, because of the pain. Fortunately, Fresh Dental performs painless dental cleaning that improves the health of your teeth without causing you a lot of pain.

Dental cleaning is essential because it removes the plaque and tartar that allow bacteria to thrive; this bacterium causes your gums to bleed – an early sign of gingivitis, a gum disease that can cause the development of deep “pockets” in the gums that allow for plaque and tartar buildup around the roots. Scaling and root planing are two of the most effective ways of removing plaque and tartar before it develops into gingivitis. The dentist at Fresh Dental gently perform scaling to remove plaque from the surface of teeth and root planing to smooth the tooth root and remove infected tooth structure.

Fresh Dental specializes in painless dental cleaning. They know that, depending on the severity of plaque buildup on the tooth surface and the depth of pockets, dental cleaning can be painful so they use techniques and products that drastically reduce pain and improve your level of comfort during deep cleanings.

Fresh Dental uses Oraqix, a needle-free topical anesthetic that contains lidocaine and prilocaine. This topical anesthetic effectively numbs your gums to make dental cleaning comfortable. Oraqix is the only needle-free periodontal gel to receive FDA approval for scaling and root planing.

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